A) 7x Clean.Below Knee Hang Clean
2.2, rest 90sec between sets
4sec pull to the knee before you clean.

B) 18minute Steady
200m row
50ft weighted walking lunge
50ft Seal Walk
Shed run
25m Dual Front Rack Carry
25m Dual KBFarmer Carry

C) Core
10 R side plank pulse + 20sec hold
10 L side plank pulse + 20sec hold
AMRAP Hollow rock
rest as needed x 4-5 sets

D) Armor
800m row
20 weighted walking lunges
600m row
40 KBS
400m row
20 Single arm DB HPC + OH (total
200m row
150ft plate push

E) Frank the Tank Boulder Shoulders
Drop sets
E1) DB Seated Strict Press
rest 1:00
E2) DB Bicep Curl
rest 1:00 x 4 sets

Start with Heavier weight then drop weight but increase the reps
according to what is prescribed.