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Where you are now is a result of the habits you currently posses. If you want change, it begins by altering what you are doing today.

Small changes over time lead to big things.

Stay warm everyone! See you for some thrusters later. 😝


One day, all of the little things you’ve worked on and the time you’ve put in will come together to reward you for your efforts.
It won’t happen if you don’t try.


Let 2022 be the year that you step outside the comfort of your walls; the year you zero in your focus on what’s more important for you instead of what’s important for others.

Let it be the year you embrace the changes that lie before you that will bend and shape you.

There’s no limit to what you can achieve.

Have a great start to your week Bedlam.
New cycle starts fresh today!


Come hang out with us for

⭐️F R E E ⭐️

Monday - Friday!!
Class times are listed in the bio.
**Please arrive 15min before class to sign a waiver and get ready to roll! 🤟🏽

See what we’re all about. It’s more than just fitness. 👊🏽


How many reps can you earn with “Karen” before you have to break?
Find out today. 😈
See you for our conditioning piece!


Fitness is always better with friends!
If you’ve ever been on the fence about CrossFit or joining group fitness, we wanna help!

Come join us for a free week as we’ll show you the basics of CrossFit and what it’s like to workout with a community of people who love fitness and fun.

If you have any questions feel free to send us a message and we’ll be happy to answer then.


This Holiday season take advantage of the moment to be as present as possible,
re-examine your goals,
rest your body and mind,
and decompress from the trials you faced in 2021.

You’ve come such a long way and you’ve got more to go.


Here’s your adjusted schedule for the holidays!
If we don’t see you we hope you all have a safe time and enjoy your loved ones.



Thank you to everyone who came to celebrate with some holiday cheer last night! It was surely a party we would never forget. 😝

#clarissawonthatround 😝

> Patience is not the ability to wait, but the ability to keep a good attitude while waiting. <


Monday Motivation:

We held a contest last month for our members to see who could accumulate the most meters on the rower for the whole month of November.

@ager928 took that assignment and smashed it! She rowed no less than 10,000m each and every single day 🤯
By end of day on the 30th she had accumulated a total of 331,416m to take the first place prize.


We asked Anne how in the heck she managed to row that much and consistently each day. She responded that from day 1 a goal of 10k per day was set and all she needed to do was stay true to it.

Congratulations Anne! You have an indomitable will and a sore pair of legs. 😝

Thank you for showing us that with
Determination, grit, and accountability, we can achieve what our mind believes.


Now that we’re somewhat recovered from our Thanksgiving feast it’s time to get ready to

🌲 P A R T A Y Y Y Y !!!!! 🌲

Be sure to rsvp to our Christmas party if you haven’t yet!
We’ll have food, games, and prizes to win!

🔻 Link in bio to rsvp 🔻


Our bodies and our “Why” change just as much as our circumstances do.

Adapting your fitness to meet
you where you are leaves the space
open for it to remain fun and

Remember, you’re in the driver seat.
You are in control.
Make fitness fit YOU
not the other way around.

Have a great start to your week!


>> Gratitude
unlocks the fullness of life.
It turns what we have into enough, and more.
It turns denial into acceptance,
chaos to order,
confusion to clarity.
It can turn a meal into a feast,
a house into a home, a stranger
into a friend.
-MB <<

Each day, we give thanks for the many opportunities we are given and for the privilege of serving you.
We are grateful for all of you who have filled these years with lasting memories,
brought forth your loved ones,
and supported what we’ve all built together.

We wish you and your families a blessed day and rest of the year.
Thank you. 🙏🏽


Worried about Thanksgiving ruining your gains? Here’s 10 tips you can do to stop that from happening:

7. AND

Missing a workout or two is not going to derail you and send you down the path to doom let alone a few days.

A workout can always be made up and the option to pick back up again is ever present. Missing out on time spent making memories with your loved ones however, is time you don’t get back.

So sit back, PR your dinner conversations, get that slice of pie, and wrap your arms around the people you love. The gym will be there when you get back.


Whenever motivation is lacking,
Remember why you started.
Here’s some things you can do to help shake it off and get it done:

1: Go for a 30min walk outside

2: Tape your goals to your mirror so you see it every day

3: Create a small simple “to-do” list of things you can do daily that don’t require much but still help you accomplish tasks towards your goal.

4: Prep ahead of time so that way when motivation is low, you’ve already prepared for it

5: Set a timer for 5-10 min and perform some quick and simple exercises with intention at intensity. That short burst of movement is better than nothing and is sure to get your blood pumping after a long time sitting.

What are some things you like to do to keep you on track to meet your goals when motivation is low?

Comment below 👇🏽


For the battles you’ve fought and continue to face,
We thank you. 🇺🇸


The lift doesn’t begin when you break connection with the ground.
It begins in those moments before and in between.
It lies in the thoughts that consume your mind before your hands grip even grip the bar.
The outcome of your lift is a direct reflection of the focus you bring. If there’s doubt, it will show.

Speak kindly to yourself.


For every excuse you make for yourself to not start we’ll come up with two more to convince you why you should.

It’s never too late to begin again, to make a change, to put your health first.



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