A) 5×2 DBL Overhand Grip Deadlift @3131
rest 1:30-2:00

B1) 6-8 RFESS + 1/2 rep combo, per leg
rest 30sec between legs
B2) 20 Banded prone hamstring curls @20X1
rest 1:00 x 3

C) Move with a purpose
3:00 AMRAP
6 Box jump
1min burpees
1min rest
3min AMRAP
Cal row
1Min Burpees
1min Rest
3min aMRAP
4Renegade row
8 weighted lunges
1min burpees

D) Core
20 crunches with legs raised
20 leg raises
20 Russian twists
rest as needed x 3-4 sets

D) Armor
15min EMOM
min 1: 10/7 cal AD
min 2: 100ft sled push
min 3. 30sec balls slams

Summer Guns:
3 – 4 rounds
12-15 reps of each
Zottman curls
Diamond push ups
Pronated Ring row @2020
rest 30sec between movements 1min between sets