A1) 3 Double Overhand Deadlift @3130 Tempo, rest 1:00, lose tension at the bottom, tempo dictates load
A2) 6-8 RFESS @31X1
rest 30sec between legs

A3) 6-10 Hamstring Sliders on rower @2020
rest 1:00-1:30 x 3 set

B) Round 1 Move with a purpose
3min AMRAP
30/25 Cal row
AMRAP DB Alt. Snatch
rest 1:00
3min AMRAP
300ft plate push
AMRAP Box Step ups
rest 2:00

Round 2
3min AMRAP
20 Alt DB Snatch
AMRAP Cal row
rest 1:00
3min AMRAP
20 Alt Prisoner Step Ups
AMRAP Plate Push

C) Core
12 Weighted Sit ups
12 Leg raises
15sec hollow hold
rest as needed x 4-5 sets

D) Armor
15min EMOM
min 1: 12 box jumps
min 2: 15 KBS
min 3. 10 burpees

Summer Guns:
3 rounds
15-20 Reps of each
Seated Empty Barbell Strict Press
Empty barbell curls
Empty barbell upright row
rest 30sec between movements 1min between sets