A1) 12 Deadlift, mod-tough @21X1, rest 1:00 x 3 sets
A2) 45sec Ring FLR, 1 leg off ground, rest 1:00 x 3 sets

Muscle Up Work
B) 5sets – rest 1:00
3 beat swings + 1 Hip to rings

C) Every 3:00min x 5 sets
*Goal is to Increase Pace each set
150m run
12 Plate Ground to Overhead
12 OH Plate Lunges
35 DU
If DU are a harder skill switch order with run. DU first and Run Last

D) Core
8 Pike Ups on Turf **Use sliders**
8 Mountain Climbers
8 pike ups
rest as needed x 5 sets

E) Summer Gunz
30sec on 30sec off
4 rounds
*emtpy barbell Seated Press
*empty barbell upright row
*empty barbell curl