A) 3 sets
200ft KB Waiter’s Walk Farmer Carry Combo(One Arm Locked OH, the Other in a farmers Carry)
**Switch Positions after 100ft**
12-15 Ring row @1111
6 Goblet Squat @51X1

B1) 4-6 Bottom Up KB Press @21X2, rest :30 between Arms
B2) 6-8 Supinated Inverted Barbell Row @21X2
rest 1:00 x 3-4 sets

C) 5 sets – Quality movement, breathing, explosive hips
5 Push Press, pause at top (185/125) (155/105) ) (135/95) **tough fiable weight
10 Heavy UB KBS
5 Front Squat
10 T2B
rest 1:00-90sec

D) Accessory and Core
10/10 Anti Rotational Glute Bridge, pause at top
:30 Hug and Reach R
:30 Hug and Reach L
rest as needed x 4 sets