A1) 6-8 Dual KB Front Squat @2221
moderate – tough weight, rest 1:00
A2) 15-20 Hamstring Bridges on bench, pause at the top
rest 1:00 x 3 sets

B1) 6-8 SLDL @2111, Heavier than last week OR focus on
improving your movement than before, rest :30 between legs
B2) 100-150ft Plate push, rest 1:00 x 3 sets

C) 3 sets steady, Focus on Movement and consistency rather than speed
800m run / row
10 renegade row (row, row, push)
20 Russian KBS
1:00 wall sit

D) 60-Day Challenge Mover
25minute Steady pace mover
Running Clock
2:00 row
1:00 Lunges
1:00 DB Snatch
1:00 Box step overs