A) 3,2,1,3,2,1,3,2,1 Split Jerk
Rest 90sec between
Get Some Quality reps in with all of these sets.
Focus on Legs strongly pushing against the
ground and pushing down on the bar to lock out.
As reps decrease weight should increase.
Weights for 2nd wave must be heavier than the
1st. 3rd wave heavier than the 2nd.

B) 4min AMRAP
10 Single arm DB PC+OH
*perform 5 reps on one arm then switch
5 burpees over DB
Rest 2:00

4min AMRAP
25 DU
5 burpees to 6in target
Rest 2:00

4min AMRAP
10 single arm DB OHS
5 burpees over Db

C) Core
8min EMOM
min 1: 20-30 parallette L Tuck
min 2: :40 weighted plank

D) Armor
Row Intervals rest 1:1
5x1000m row