A1) 4-5 sets
Level 1: Attempt Headstand hold
Level 2: Hold for longer than week before or start to play with dynamic Tuck to Headstand
Level 3: Dynamic 5-7 reps of alternating between Pike to Headstand. Hold each position for 2 sec

A2) (6-12) Diamond Push ups @21X1
A3) 10 Weighted Arch Angels @2020
rest :30 between Movements 1:00 between sets

B) 4-5 Sets for Quality or 18minutes
8-10 Single arm KB Clean (no Squat)
10 alt reverse goblet lunge
30sec Chest Facing HS Hold
40 DU
rest 1:00

C) Core
20-30sec L-sit / L Tuck
rest 15sec
30-40sec hollow hold
rest as needed x 4-5 sets

D) Armor
8 rounds
10/8 Cal AD
6 Alt KB Snatch
6 Box Jump
rest 1:00