CF – Colin, Kaydee, and Rowen
Happy Friday to you all!!
On this week’s Bedlam Feature we have the Bailey Family!! Colin, Kaydee, and their oh-so-sweet 4 year old, Rowen came to us about a year ago and are a blessing to have around here. You can find them always working out together or spending their weekends doing arts-n-crafts, going on adventures that we vicariously live through, or just hanging out and being cute. They are some of the most down to earth people we know and we are so happy that they chose Bedlam as their home. Here’s a little more about them below!
What was your first CrossFit experience like?
Kaydee: My first experience was actually as a school field trip when I was in PTA school. I remember dreading it. I had heard the horror stories of people getting hurt and believed that it was dangerous and evil. We went and I loved it, we did a team WOD with burpees, overhead plate holds and other general movements.  That was a Wednesday. I came home and told Colin we were going to the Free Class on Saturday, which consisted of air squats, running and sit ups. We were members by Sunday. We haven’t looked back since.
Colin: The Free Saturday class Kaydee mentioned. I had been bugging her for months to try it. The movements were simple since it was for beginners and I liked it. After we got through the Essentials courses where we learned all of the movements, I realized how hard it really was. That sucked, but I didn’t want to quit, so we kept going.
How has participating in CrossFit impacted your family?
 Crossfit was really the catalyst for the healthy lifestyle we try to live today. We started with Crossfit, which eventually led to diet changes, and just trying to live a healthy lifestyle in general. Its given us something we can all do together, and I love that we can include Rowen and emphasize the importance of being healthy while she is young. Most of all, it’s given us a community to be a part of. The community is especially important to us because it’s just us here- our families are all back in New Mexico. Because of CrossFit, we have found a family 1000 miles away from home. Thanks for taking us in!
What are each of your favorite and least favorite movements and why?
Kaydee: Fav: Box jumps. I have no idea why, but I love them! Least fav: Definitely wall balls. I’m short so I have to jump to get the ball to the target, but I also have long legs, so I have a long way to squat to get below parallel. They make me want to cry haha.
Colin: Fav: Deadlifts, they make me feel strong. Least Favorite: Thrusters, because we usually have to do a lot of them.
Rowen: Fav: Burpees, because I do them all of the time. Least Favorite: Air squats, because I don’t do them all of the time.
Why do you CrossFit?
Kaydee: I have surprised myself time and time again through Crossfit. I am doing things that I never imagined I would be able to and that’s awesome. My job also requires me to transfer patients, most of the time teenage boys who are much larger than me. I like not having to rely on other people to help me do my job. Also, it’s pretty fun to see the significantly larger male nurse’s faces when I move the patient from bed to the floor, before they had a chance to grab their back brace.
Colin: To stay healthy. Caring for a chronically ill parent made me realize that I don’t want Rowen to have to go through that with me.
Rowen: Because, I like to do it. And I like doing kids camp.
Rowen, what do you want to be when you grow up and why?
I want to be a mermaid and doctor. Because I like mermaids, and I want to be a physical therapist because I like being a physical therapist. And I want to be a police officer.
What advice would you give to people that are on the fence about trying CrossFit?
Kaydee: Just do it. You may hate it, and that’s ok. But you never know if you don’t try. And who knows, you may fall in love with it like I have and find yourself doing things you never though were possible and always striving to be better. That’s the coolest part.
Colin:  Go to a box, meet the coaches, meet some of the people and at least try one class.
Rowen: You should do CrossFit, because it’s fun. And I know it’s kind of hard but it’s fun and you should do it anyways.
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