Hope everyone’s having a great Friday!
This week’s feature member is Daryl Hoffmann! No matter what day of the week it is you will always find Daryl getting warmed up for his 4pm pump sesh. He’s been with us from the start and is a joy to have around the gym. Not to mention he’s a big Spurs fan so we know he’s good people. 😉 Congrats Daryl!
What do you do for a living?
DH: I’ve worked in the banking industry for the past 20 years.   I work primarily with business owners & CFOs to help manage their commercial banking relationships.
What was your first CrossFit experience like?
DH:  I don’t really remember the actual workout, but I know I was really sore for the next few days.   And I’ve basically been sore everyday since then.
How has it changed your life?
DH:  It’s definitely made working out fun again.  I really appreciate all of the specific programming and time the coaches spend designing the workouts.  I still have my Lifetime membership, but probably haven’t gone there in over a year.
What is it that motivates you to come back every day?
DH:    I enjoy the competition and new challenge each day.   I was a D1 college swimmer, then coached in college while getting my MBA.  It was hard to replicate that same type of intensity or competition just working out by myself at the gym.   The atmosphere at Bedlam is great.  Regardless of your age or skill level, everyone is always very encouraging.
What else do like to do when you’re not in the gym?
DH:  I’m a huge Spurs fan and a season ticket holder, so it’s been great watching this 20 year run of excellence they’ve had.   Also enjoy college football, cookouts, golf, tubing, vacationing, and basically anything involving a beach, river, or lake.
What piece of advice would you give to someone who is thinking about starting CrossFit for the first time?
DH: Don’t give up after the first few workouts.   It’s probably gonna suck, and you’ll likely think you can’t do these workouts everyday.  But it will get better.