A) 5×3 Hang Power Snatch
Build to a challenging with each set. rest 90sec

B1) 4-6 2-way Barbell Back Rack Lunges
Perform all one leg first, rest 30sec then the other x 3 sets
B2) 5 Dual DB Strict Press + 4 Push Press + 3 Push Jerk
tough, rest 1:00 x 3sets
**Pause in receving positions of Push Jerk

C) 9min AMRAP , 1.1.1.DU, 2.2.2.DU. 3.3.3. DU etc..
PC (135/95) (115/75)(95/65)
BMU / C2B *Modified BMU
20 DU

D) Core
200ft dual kB front rack carry
45sec weighted plank
Rest as needed x 5 sets

E) Armor – 22min AMRAP
50 cal row
50 air squats
40 cal AD
40 no push up burpee
30 cal row
30 box jump
20 cal AD