HEY YA’LL!! Happy Feature¬†FRIDAY!!!
Today we have… this guy… this guy…
If you’ve ever had the pleasure of being around Justin Abt than he’s probably made you laugh hysterically on more than one occasion. He’s quick to the tongue, has affinity for bright socks, and is secretly hoping Nike or Questbar hire him as their all time favorite brand-rep/ambassador. He’s a real stand up guy, a good friend, and crazy strong athlete. Here’s more about him. ūüôā
What do you do for a living and describe yourself in three words.
JA: Occupation:  Teacher/Coach/Quest Bar Flavor Tester
3 Words:  Competitive/Motivated/Humorous
What was your first Crossfit experience like?
JA: It was terrible; I did the filthy 50.¬† It was like walking into church for the first time and everyone is so nice and welcoming then Jesus himself gives you a Mike Tyson punch to the stomach out of nowhere and says “can’t wait to see you again¬†tomorrow“, as your rolling on the ground like a cockroach on its back.
What is your WHY? Why do you CrossFit?
JA: I started crossfit because I wanted something in my life that would allow me to be competitive again.¬† After college football ended I no longer had an outlet and traditional workouts weren’t motivating.¬† It was the competition with others that drove me at first but over time and the more I became involved with crossfit and the Bedlam family my mindset began to shift.¬† It was no longer trying to beat the person next to me but beat myself on a daily basis and be better than the day before.¬† Gym members became family members and competitors became a support system.¬† Everyday I look forward to improving in some way along side my friends.
But most importantly crossfit is my excuse to wear bright socks and shoes because otherwise it would just be considered weird.
If you could describe Bedlam using 3 words what would they be?
JA: Loving/Caring/Family
What are your favorite and least favorite movements and why?
JA: Least favorite is any snatch lift and it should be called a jerk instead because it’s stupid and I hate the person who invented it.¬† They were probably bored in a garage somewhere and wanted a way for people to hate themselves.
I love anything cardio related or wall balls.¬† They’re simple and don’t take much thinking; I’m gonna run/row a lot or throw this ball up on the wall a bunch of times and catch it then do it again over and over again….it’s genius.
What is some advice you would give to someone who wants to do Crossfit?
JA: We keep using the phrase “trust the process” and that’s what it’s all about.¬† Don’t be deterred or frustrated because it will be difficult at first.¬† Certain movements will seem impossible but over time you will improve and crossfit will be something you look forward to instead of dreading.¬† You’ll become stronger not only physically but mentally as well.¬† Don’t watch the world class athletes on tv and think it’s not for you.¬† Crossfit is for ANYONE wanting to better themselves regardless of age or how “out of shape” you are.¬† It’s a family and everyone struggles then succeeds together at the end of the day.
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