On Monday, 12 Oct, we will start a week of testing.  We will do this every 3-4 cycles to check progress and to fine tune our performance.  This is different than a normal week of training, as in each effort is done with maximum intensity.  It is that very reason that we do not test on a weekly basis. It not only wears down the body, but is puts a large amount of stress on our central nervous system (CNS) and there after reduces the value of training the following days.  The negative effects of testing constantly is not only a poor training template but it’s damaging to your quality of life.  The body never has a chance to recover from the constant assault on it and force you to stop by becoming sick or injured.  Please listen to your body if something is not right. We all should know the difference between the “uncomfortable”, and the extreme that can potentially lead to injury.

We would like to collect data across the entire week of weights lifted and times scored.  This will allow us to track progress and program to shore up any weaknesses we may see.  Please be consistent this week in commenting with your results so that we can collect the data. We would also like to know your age, training age (note these are different), and weight. You can comment on this post to let us know. Training age is the amount of time you have been consistently training.  For an example, if an athlete has played four years of college football and four years of Crossfit or weight training, his training age would be 8 years. On the other hand, if an athlete played a sport for 4 years, 10 years ago and are just a beginning to work out again, their training age is zero.

Thank you for your commitment to the Bedlam Athlete program and we look forward to seeing the results and PR’s!

“The Bar has been Raised”