During this testing cycle there will be a link provided that will lead to a common Google Spreadsheet so that you may enter your results online.  This helps us with obtaining times and weights from those following the program without having to track down individuals.  You will complete the spreadsheet as the cycle progresses, not what your current numbers are.  The tests will be marked as a “Tester” or “Build to a Single” throughout the cycle so that you know which times or weights need to be inputed.  Please be as accurate as possible so that we may track how effective the program has been and track the progress of you, the Athlete. At the end of the cycle, we will put out the results along with some calculations so that you can see what areas need improvement and what areas you excel in.

One common area of question is “training age”.  This is the continuous time that you have been training any kind of fitness at a higher level.  For example, if you played 2 years of high school soccer plus 4 years of collegiate soccer and went straight into 2 years of Crossfit your training age would be 8 years.  On the other side, if you played 2 years of high school football, zero higher athletic training during college and have been currently training Crossfit for a year, your training age would be 1 year.  If you still have questions please ask one of the coaches for a clearer explanation.