ATX Throwdown still has spots available. Think about getting a team together to sign-up as we already have a good amount of teams/individuals going. If you are having trouble getting a team together, come find us and we can work with you to get a team together. Link is below

A) RFESS – 6X5/Leg @30X0 – HAP while maintaining Tempo – rest 30 sec/ Leg – rest 2 mins b/t sets

B) Deadlift –  3 reps @70% of RM – 10 Min EMOM

C) DB Back Extensions – 6 reps @30X0 X 4 Sets – rest 1 min

D) 30 Min AMRAP @75%/Moderate Effort

2 Min Row

1 Min FLR on Rings

2 Min Run

1 Min HS Hold (On Wall or Free-standing if possible)