Hey Bedlam Athlete,

As we close the 2017 season on a high note, it is important that we remember to see improvements we have made thus far in our CrossFit Career and what we need to look forward to in the future as we seek to improve in the sport of CrossFit. As this season approaches, it is important that we make “realistic” goals for this season to ensure we make strides towards reaching those goals. These goals must be obtainable but also must be goals that are challenging individually to push us throughout the year. These goals will vary for all of us depending on who we are and what weaknesses we need to work on, but can still be aligned with each other in our group. This program is for dedicated people who want to continue to improve in the sport of CrossFit to reach their ultimate goal. “DEDICATED”  must be the key word here as we must ensure when we get tired, sore, or beat up, we will stick to the grind day-in and day-out and stick to the template every single day. If you continue to trust in the program, you will look up at the end of 2018, “IMPROVED” in all ASPECTS of Fitness. If you have questions in where we are taking the program in 2018 or if this is for you, find one of the coaches. We all are always here to help. Lets stick to the grind and make 2018 the best year yet.

  1. BS – Work up to a Heavy BS
  2. C&J – Work up to a heavy Clean and Jerk
  3. For Time:

30 Squat Cleans + OH @75% of B – record your time for later testing – 12 Min TIME Cap

  1. For TIme – No Where to HIDE, Work on Big Sets on the OHS and Go Hard on the AD


OHS (115/75)

Cal AD

  1. GH Raises 4X6-8 reps @30X1 – rest 1-2 mins b/t Sets