A) 16.5

B) Following this years Open, we are giving all Athletes a week off of training to relax, rest, and re-evaluate.

RELAX – outside of the gym. Give yourself some time to spend outside of the gym whether it be to hang out with friends, relax by the pool, or any other activities that interest you.

REST – make sure you are getting adequate rest on this week off. We train very hard throughout the year and the most important thing about this week is the rest that your body will get.

RE-EVALUATE – why you train so hard day in and day out. Bedlam Athlete┬áis for competitor athletes that want to compete in the sport of fitness. If this is not you, than you may be getting MORE OUT of the general CrossFit classes. Our general CrossFit class is for people who are trying to be healthier versions of themselves day in and day out. If training for the Sport of Fitness is not in-line with your goals, then make sure during this re-evalution phase, we choose the correct path. We are getting back to the daily grind of the OFF-Season.

Starting in the 2016-2017 OFF-Season Training Phase, we will be asking our athletes if time permits for two days a week to come in for both a morning session as well as an afternoon session. It is very important that this is broken down into TWO sessions a day with a minimum of 90 mins in between sessions. Please do not try and squeeze all of it in into one session as the intensity levels will not be met and then you will be doing more harm than good. If you can’t come in the morning, then follow the template for the afternoon sessions and stay consistent with those. If it means something to you, you will get both sessions in at the appropriate time. Sacrifice is key here.

Make sure you define your goals and your goals are in line with the training at hand for this upcoming season. If you want to see the positive adaptations then it starts day 1 on the template and requires sacrifice to make sure you get EVERYTHING in. If you are the person that comes in and sees a piece and thinks you are above it, you will never make it to the next level. Goals define your path in your fitness journey.