Everything you need to know about a proper Warm-Up

Here at #BedlamCrossFit, We all know how important a proper warm up is in our fitness journey. It’s something we can ALL take note on and continue to improve over the years. Most of us (I am very guilty of this too) take a reactive approach to it. When I start to feel a pinch in my glute or my lower back starts to tighten up, I tend to then want to go about properly warming up to keep getting me through my training. This tends to never work and I am force to cut that session short. This is just point blank period, WRONG! If I was proactive, and warmed up the right way everyday (this includes mobilization, stretching, and proper blood flow for the focus of that training schedule,) I wouldn’t have to be so reactive to fighting off little injuries I sustained sometimes in training. (Warming Up is a MUST in my training now)

Benefits of a Proper Exercise Warm-Up  –

Warming up is not only great for getting the most out of each training session, but it also has proven benefits for proper recovery after hitting that session. “According to Men’s Journal, A solid warm-up can also reduce post-workout soreness as well as improve performance. Kyle Kranz, a running coach, points to two of his all-time favorite studies to prove the point. “My favorite was titled ‘Warm-up Reduces Delayed Onset Muscle Soreness But Cool-Down Does Not,’ ” he says. (Check out the study for Kranz’s favorite study’s results) “Researchers had groups do a warm-up and/or a cool down with a soreness-inducing workout, and they determined that the warm-up was most effective at reducing soreness.”

So, we know a Warm-Up is important, Right?

So if we know that warming up is vital to performance and recovery, why don’t we do a better job at performing them before each training session? A lot of it boils down to just not knowing what to do. If this is the problem, here is one simple method to use (beside Bedlam’s AWESOME “Bloodflow” and “Mobility” pieces that are done before each class). If you are a member here at Bedlam, our Head Coach Cassandra G. programs workouts specifically for each training day that is incorporated in our programming.

Step by Step on how to properly Warm-Up for Daily Exercise/Training –

  1. 1. Look at the workout for that day – and see what that specific workout calls for. Is it a strength piece or an aerobic piece? What are the movements in the training for that day? If you know this, that will lead to what movements and type of warm up is needed for the day.
  2. 2.ACTIVELY” –  get prepared for that piece on the FRONT END.
  3. 3. “Get Sweaty” and move blood around – This can be done to start at low intensity with some type of cyclical movement. I.E. Bike/ Row/ Ski/ etc.
  4. Work some type of mobilization that will benefit that session. I.E. Squat Day – Foam Roll your Glutes/ Quads/ Hammies/ and smash any trouble spots you may have. This alone tends to put you in the correct positions you will need in training.
  5. 4. Use the Movement Mechanics – you will use in that training session. If you are working to a tough set of 5 on Push press, perhaps you start will 10 PVC Pass Throughs, then 10 PVC Strict /presses, then expand to a empty barbell Strict Press and finally move on the empty barbell Push Press.

Lastly, you are ready to attack and achieve the most you can out of that training session. Again, if you know PROPERLY WARMING UP helps with PERFORMANCE and RECOVERY, then why not spend the extra 10 minutes before each day, doing it.

Bedlam Athlete Coach – Mitchell B.