A) 8 x 1.1 Snatch Hi-Pull. Power Snatch
Pause in receiving position for 2 sec
rest 90sec , building to a heavy or work technique

B) 4-5 Rounds
200m row
10 DL (185/125) (155/105)
5 DB HPC+OH per arm
10 No push up Burpee

C) Core 4 sets
10 R side plank Hug and reach
10 alternating plank march pause before alternating
10 L side plank hug and reach
30sec plank hold
rest as needed

D) Armor
20-18-16-14-12 AD Cals
12-10-8-6-4 HPC

HPC Weights go up as reps decrease
RX (105,75)(115,85)(135,95)(145,105)(155,115)
Sc. (75,55)(95,65)(105,75)(115,85)(135,95)