A) 7x Clean Pull. Hang Clean, Hi-Hang Clean
1.2.1, rest 90sec between sets
*4sec to get to the knee on clean pull then accelerate to finish

B) 8min AMRAP
200m Row/Run
8 Renegade Row *row, row, push up*

rest 2:00

8min AMRAP
12 Goblet Squat @21X1
200ft Farmers Carry

C) Core
30sec R side plank hold
15 vups
30sec L side plank hold
Rest 1:00 x 4-5 sets

D) Armor
15 PS
5-8 strict pull ups
40 DU
12 Hang PS
5-8 strict pull ups
40 DU
5-8 strict pull ups
40 DU

E) Frank the Tank Boulder Shoulders
8-10 Arnold press / arm
8-10 lateral/frontal raise combo
8-10 Rear Delt Flys
Rest as needed
X4 sets