A) 7×1 Clean + 1 Below Knee HC + 1 FS
rest 90sec-2:00 between sets
Build within sets or find a good working weight
focus on explosive drive and maintaining solid
positons in all movements

B) Open WOD 16.4, 17.4
13min AMRAP
55 Deadlifts
55 WB
55 CAL row

C) 4 sets
20sec Hollow Scissor Kicks
20sec Alt Crunches with legs raises
20sec Leg raises
20sec alt hollow to hollow tuck
rest as needed

D) 60 Day Challenge Mover
1mile Bike
25 no push up burpees
25 russian KBS
1mile bike
20 no push up burpees
20 russian KBS
1 Mike bike
15 no push up burpees
15 russian KBS