A1) 8 Deadlift, mod-tough @21X1, rest 1:00 x 3 sets
A2) 45sec-1:00 Ring FLR Hold, rest 1:00 x 3 sets

Muscle Up Work
B) 5×5 Ring Swings, rest 1:00 between
*focus on squeezing heels together
Pulling back on the rings as you hollow

C) Every 4min x 5 sets
*Goal is to Increase Pace each set
200m/125m Run
10-12 T2B
10-12 alternating DB Snatch
10-12 Burpee Over DB

D) Core
45sec weighted plank hold
45sec unweighted plank hold
rest 1:00 x 4-5 sets

E) Summer Gunz
4 sets
8-12 Zottman Curls
8-10 DB Bench Press
20 Banded Tricep pull down