A) 4×8 box step up (total, alternating legs)
weighted if possible, rest 2:00 between sets

B) 6-8 Tempo BB Good mornings @30X1 + 5 seated box jump at a challenging height
rest 90sec x 3-4 sets

C) 4 sets – Mix and Match
*Change the order you perform movements each set
200m run
6-8 HPC + OH 115/75
6-8 C2B
6-8 dips
6-8 burpees
rest 1:30-2:00

D) Core
:30 Wall Walks (Steady, Quality Reps)
50ft Dual KB Front Rack Lunges @ moderate weight
:30 Wall Sits
50ft Dual KB OH Carry (Steady walk)
Rest is the transition btw movements x 3-5 sets