Instruction/Clean+Jerk Complex
A. Clean and Jerk Complex Building
Clean Hi-pull.Clean
1.1, rest 1:00-1:30 x 8 sets Build with each set to a heavy
Drop reset between movements no more than 10 sec.

B. Partner WOD
Workout Credit goes to Jacque from Elite CF. 🙂
Partners will be working at the same time
Partner 1 completes work on the left of / while partner 2 completes on the right
Alternate work each round.
4 rounds total
1:00 no push up burpee / 1:00 plank hold
1:00 Air squats / 1:00 Bottom of squat hold
1:00 sit ups / 1:00 tuck hold
1:00 plate G2OH / 1:00 Plate OH hold
2:00 rest