A) Open Gym
Find a coach, Work on a Skill, Mobilize, Etc.

B) Partner Workout
1000m Row – Partition however you want
then Complete 1 round
50 KBS **Resting partner holds handstand, switch every time you come off the wall
50 Box jumps **Resting partner holds a plate OH (45/25) Switch when plate drops
50 Sit ups **resting partner holds bottom of squat

Bruh Sesh
C1) 5-7 Supinated Wide Grip Pull ups, rest 1:00
C2) 5-7 Ring row @30X1, rest 1:00
C3) 10 Single arm Bent over row/ arm
x 3-4 sets

D1) 5-7 Strict Press
D2) 5-7 CGBP
D3) 10 Push ups, rest 1:00
x 3-4 sets