A. 3 rounds NFT – For Quality
6-8 Half Kneeling Bottom Up KB Press @2112 / per arm
:20-:30 plank march
:30 Wall sit with Plate raise (up to 10#)
**while in a wall sit hold a plate away from body and move up to OH and back
to start for 30 sec.

B1. 5 – Dual KB PC+KB Thruster @22X1
2sec lowering into squat, 2sec pause @bottom, fast up, pause at top
rest for 1:00
B2. Max set of alternating pronated and supinated ring row @1111
rest 1:00 x 3 sets

C. 12 min AMRAP – For quality
150m run
8 suitcase deadlift DB/KB / per side
30ft weighted bear crawl (plate on back)

D. Core
:20 plank
:20 plank FLR press (alt plank on elbows and press to plank on hands then back down)
:20 Spiderman plank
rest :45-1:00 x 4-5 sets

E. Armor.
5 rounds
9 DL (155/105)(135/95)
3 S2OH
300m row