People always talk about how they get stuck on CrossFit the moment they walk in the door. For us, we were stuck on Sinead and Brandon the moment they introduced themselves. From Sinead’s bubbly attitude and dose of sass she drops on Mitch during class, to Brandon’s cool nature and good vibes; these two are gold. They’ve been a staple to our community and, just like the other 6erzz in the group, have helped to create a fun, energetic, and social atmosphere that everyone appreciates and looks forward to in their day.
•What do you do for a living?•
-SB: I am a Technical Recruiter for a consulting company!
-Bb: I am a Technical Sales Consultant for AT&T
•What was your first Crossfit experience like?•
-SB: My first cf experience was extremely rough. I remember doing a lot of running and squats which sucked bc I hate running. I remember crying just getting off of the couch bc it was so painful, but hey, I’m still here.
-BB: The first CF experience that is most memorable to me is probably doing MURPH during our first week of joining Bedlam. It was tough. After that I was pretty much hooked, and was anxious to see what all I was capable of.
•What goals either personal/crossfit related have you set for 2017?•
-SB: My goals are to compete in at least one competition this year and to PR everything! One of my personal goals is to make 6 figures this year $$$.
-BB: One CF goal for 2017 that stands out the most is entering in my first competition. Personally, I would like to be enrolled in a Masters program by the end of 2017.
•If you could describe Bedlam using 3 words what would they be?•
-SB: Encouraging, Exciting and Supportive
-BB: FUN! Embracive, Motivating
•Is there anything new you have learned about yourself after starting CrossFit?•
-SB: I’ve learned that there’s nothing I can’t do. I can even do Wall Walks. LOL
-BB: I’ve learned that I dislike burpees, thrusters, and toes to bar. Also, a little effort can take you a long way!
•What advice would you give to someone new starting CrossFit?•
-SB: I started CF without doing any extreme physical activity previously and I was so intimidated but don’t let your fear distract you. I LOVE CF, its addicting and if you just let your guard down, you will find yourself loving it too! Plus working out at Bedlam is the icing on the cake, the people are amazing and encouraging.
-BB: I would say: “It’s gonna hurt. You are going to want to quit. But, if you can survive the first few weeks you will learn that a little pain isn’t going to kill you and you will thank yourself for not giving up.”
•What will you miss most about living in San Antonio and what are you looking forward to on your new adventure in Austin?•
-SB: I will miss everything about San Antonio, I love this city and hopefully life brings me back. I look forward to new experiences in Austin, delicious food and meeting good people. Bedlam is a place that I look forward to coming to everyday and I if I can find a box in Austin that means half of what Bedlam means to me then I’ll be one happy lady.
-BB: I will miss a lot. I am from the San Antonio area so it will always be home to me. I will miss Bedlam a lot. It is hard to not grow attached to such a loving community. One thing I am looking forward to is learning more about my beautiful girlfriend as we take on this new adventure in a new city.
-Both: ALSO- SHOUT OUT 6-ERZZ!! WE WILL DEFINITELY MISS GETTING BUFF WITH YALL! We can’t forget about the coaches. We have received so much support and friendship from each of you! WE WILL BE DROPPING IN AS OFTEN AS POSSIBLE.
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