A1) 3.3.3 Bottom Half pull ups. top half pull ups. strict pull ups rest 1:00 x 3sets
A2) 10, 8, 6 Glute Bridge DB Bench Press, heavier as reps decrease @21X1 x 3 sets rest 1:00

B1) 12 Alternating Seated DB Press @21X1, 1 stays up while the other lowers for a rep x rest 30sec 3 sets
B2) 10-15 DB Bent Over Rear Delt Flys x 3set rest 1:00

C) Partner Wod – 14minute AMRAP – Score is
1 Partner Row for Calories while other partner completes
100m run
1 round of DT
12 DL (95/65)(75/55)
6 S2OH

C) Core
10 v-ups
30-45 R Side Plank
10 v-ups
30-45sec L side Plank
rest as needed x 4 sets

D) Armor
20 Barfacing Burpees
15 Front Squats
20 lateral burpees
15 Squat Cleans
20 Burpees

E) Summer Gunz
3-4 sets
Bald Bar 21’s
Lying bridge DB pull downs
12 curtsy lunges per leg