BA – Dally
Ever try smiling hard for 24hrs straight? Dally makes it look like it’s a piece of cake. No matter the situation she will always try to find the good side of life. She is a beacon of positivity for all of us to look out for. Aside from just being all around awesome she is focused, determined, and will stop at nothing to achieve any and all goals she has whether it’s here in the gym or anywhere else. Here’s a little more about her.
What do you do for a living?
DG: I’m a first-year student at the UIW Rosenberg School of Optometry.
What was your first Crossfit experience like?
DG: I honestly can’t remember the exact workout, but it was some type of amrap with running, burpees, and pull-ups or something like that. I had just drank a Monster about 3 minutes before we started (mistake) and wanted to throw up the whole time. I haven’t drank another Monster ’til this day…
How has CrossFit changed your life if at all?
DG: Where do I begin? Through CrossFit and being at Bedlam, I was able to find myself and find my passion. Its changed the way I look at myself and gave me a confidence I thought I never had. It also instilled a drive in me to always want more and be better. I’ve always been an athlete in different sports, but the love that came from CrossFit felt different than any other. I’m able to challenge myself daily and push my limits (sometimes too much), but there’s honestly nothing more I’d rather do. It’s really exciting when you see yourself making progress from the work you solely put in. CrossFit has also introduced me to what I can call life-long friendships. The people I’ve met at Bedlam single-handedly changed my life and I could never be more grateful for the love and support I’m surrounded by each and every single day. Thank you everyone! You guys are truly an inspiration! ❤
If you could describe Bedlam using 3 words what would they be?
DG: Family. Heart. Ambitious.
What is your go to cheat meal after a hard workout?
DG:  Ice Cream 😇
Name 3 people that inspire/motivate you?
DG: Might be a little more than 3. 1. God and my family 2. My Coaches who believe in me and who take the time to help me grow as an athlete every day. And 3. The Bedlam Athletes and Bedlam Community who constantly work hard to better themselves day in and day out.
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