Cassandra Huerta

Why Crossfit?
For years I considered myself an athlete. I grew up in El Paso, Tx and played just about any sport you could think of within the school districts limitations. Once I got to college I thought I was doing a decent job at maintaining the somewhat athletic shape that I came in with. Unfortunately late night McDonalds runs three times a week, downing sugar drinks, not getting any sleep, and keeping up with my beer chugging loving friends didn’t exactly provide the right recipe for fitness. Nevertheless I knew I was missing something. I missed being a part of a team. I missed the nervousness and excitement I used to feel when I had a basketball game to get ready for. I missed having a purpose and training for something that was bigger than myself. After my first CrossFit workout (Grace, which I struggled with using 15# dumbbells) while gasping for breath and lying on my back trying to realize what the heck just happened to me I knew I was hooked. There is something that I find beautiful and remarkable regarding the human body’s adaptation to exercise. It is this fascination and my constant pursuit of excellence that motivate me to get to the gym every day and give it my best. I don’t care so much about competitions anymore because each day is an opportunity to compete against myself. How can I be stronger, faster, and more efficient today than I was last? How can I use what I just learned today and apply it to my coaching so that I can make others better? Aside from all of that. CrossFit works PERIOD.
Why Bedlam?
WHY NOT BEDLAM?! Taking a very nice, clean facility, and equipment aside I truly believe that Bedlam offers everything you’re looking for in a box home. Upon entering you are easily and immediately greeted by EVERYONE. If you’re not receiving a sweaty hug, being given a high five, or having a smile shared with you than you aren’t in the right place. The environment and sense of community that Bedlam has successfully created is one of openness, acceptance, and LOVE. Those are very important qualities for me and when we first walked in to Bedlam we instantly knew we were home. Since then we have made leaps and bounds when it comes to our strength and performance. The programming is top notch and challenging in such a way that is safe and so perfectly executed. Above all Bedlam has blessed me with the opportunity to coach and train alongside my very best friend s and family and it is something that I will always love and appreciate. We struggle, we fail, we succeed. We do it TOGETHER. It’s a beautiful thing.
My 1st CF Experience?
As I mentioned before I had a very lucky or unlucky (depending on how you see it) run in with Grace. Thirty wonderful clean and jerks for time. While warming up I said to myself “Ok, that girl over there has 65# on the bar. Well, I think I’ll do the bar and see how that feels. I should be fine.” Keep in mind, I haven’t done anything remotely resembling a clean or a jerk since high school which at that time was 6 years ago. I was never one to back away from a challenge though and I thought since I claimed to be an athlete that I would have no problem whatsoever. This is where I got my first lesson in CrossFit humility. Strange how a 45# bar could feel like 100# when you’ve never moved it before let alone 30 times. Five reps. Five very slow reps in I was hit with a dose of WTF and realized then and there that 45# was not happening for me. I ran over to the dumb bell area and finished off the workout with 15# loaded on each arm. Every rep was horrible. I was out of breath, my lungs were hurting, legs were on fire, noodle arms were numb, and my ego was smashed. When the 5 minutes of death was over (seriously 5 minutes?) while lying on the floor I contemplated my existence and was perplexed at how miserable and difficult what I just put my body through was. I LOVED IT!!
What Drives Me?
There is a quote by Bob Marley that has always spoken to me. “The greatness of a man is not in how much wealth he acquires, but in his integrity and his ability to affect those around him positively.” If I have a hand at helping someone achieve success in any facet of their life, I’m winning. There is nothing that makes me happier than watching someone go from having little confidence in themselves to realizing that they can move mountains. If I can see changes in myself on a daily basis with the help of my support system, I want to be that positive person for someone else so that they can know what it feels like.
My Biggest Achievement?
Non CrossFit related:
I was fortunate to be a part of a three person research team on campus at St. Mary’s University. Our data was significant enough to be published in the Journal of Exercise Physiology online under “Norepinephrine Modulates Dendritic Cell Activity by Altering Chemokine Release.”
It is my first ever published research which I am very proud of.

I am the proud aunt to 5 amazing, incredible, and very exhausting hyperactive nieces and nephews. Being able to have this fitness to keep up with their demands of tea parties, game play, and running in circles is a HUGE accomplishment in itself.

I do make a pretty mean steak and sweet potatoe with chorizo also.

CrossFit related:
I’m still working on it…. when it happens I’ll get back to you.

Favorite Exercise?
BURPEES!!! Just your basic burpee though.. Once you start adding boxes and jumps its over.


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