Taylor Muhleman

Why Crossfit?

Where do I even begin?!! I love crossfit for so many reasons! First and foremost is the family! You start out as strangers but before you know it everyone at the gym becomes family! You struggle together, celebrate pr’s, laugh and cry together, and best of all build each other up. Not only do you build the comradery but you build up confidence in yourself! Crossfit is filled with functional movements that any and everybody can do! Everyday somebody surprises themselves with a new skill that they had no idea they were capable of! Inside and out of the gym, crossfit can help you in daily life and become a better you!

Why Bedlam?

At Bedlam, like I said before, we are a huge family! We build each other up, lend a helping hand in any way we can! All of our coaches will do anything for any of the members and vice versa! I think that’s what makes Bedlam what it is!

My 1st CF Experience?

Oh wow!! My first crossfit experience was “Fran”! Holy cow, I did not know what I was getting myself into!! Im pretty sure half way through the 21’s I was already dying, but I pushed through the workout and finished! I don’t remember my time but it probably wasn’t very good! After a couple minutes of laying on the floor, I got up and thought how good I felt after! I was never really big into working out but Fran made me want to keep doing it!! I loved how I felt and that I had just accomplished something I thought I could never do!

What Drives Me?

Me, I drive myself. I am really hard on myself in and out of the gym. I always want to do better, lift more, and just be the best I can be.

My Biggest Achievement?

My biggest achievement is honestly walking into a crossfit gym! If I would not have done that I would have never known what I could achieve!

Anything Else?

I just encourage anybody that has thought about trying crossfit to just do it!!! It’s not intimidating like you think it’s going to be! We all started out in the same place! We know what it’s like, but you never know until you try!!


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