Kimberly Crisp

Why Crossfit?

I spent a few years at a globo gym, typically doing 90-120 minutes of cardio because burning calories was the way to go! I started doing boot camp and weight classes, seeing a bit of progress and starting to actually enjoy exercising–all this coming from a girl who couldn’t run a half mile in college. However, once I started CrossFit, I saw tremendous growth and a new-found passion for weightlifting and being strong. The closest I came to being an “athlete” growing up was sitting on the bench for the D team in middle school and eating snacks with the team after our little league games. CrossFit brought out my competitive nature and made me feel like the athlete I’d always wanted to be growing up but never had the hand-eye coordination for.

It’s so diverse that I never get bored with monotony. I never would have thought years ago that picking up barbells would be something I enjoyed; “pumping iron” was for the boys. Who doesn’t love seeing tangible improvements week after week and celebrating with friends?

More than helping me get into better shape, it’s helped me feel more complete- being motivated and encouraged by this incredible community to continually set goals and reach them. It’s about more than just looking a certain way and taking gym selfies; I think it’s made me a better me. It’s ever-changing, and always a challenge. It has strengthened me physically and mentally and pushed beyond what I thought I was capable of.

Why Bedlam?

Bedlam is everything that was missing from my previous CF experience and then some. I absolutely love the community and environment. I felt welcome from my first step in the door. From the top (John-Austin and Jess) all the way down, people show love, grace and encouragement to others.
To say that I have improved while I’ve been here is an understatement. Only in fertile soil do we grow and flourish. With the programming I’ve developed skills that had long eluded me and many of the movements I used to hate have become tolerable or even favorites. I still don’t like pull-ups though!
Bedlam is my home, my stress outlet, my social hour and my favorite thing to do. I can’t imagine doing work alongside a better group of people!
We recognize that if one person gets better, we all get better, so we continue pushing and cheering on our peers—our family. From diverse backgrounds, we share a common love for Bedlam.

My 1st CF Experience?

Five to six years ago–a year or two into my fitness journey–my friend asked me to come to her box. We were told we were doing the deck of cards workout. Of all the workouts to do, of course it would be one that took over 30 minutes! My only saving grace was that it was simple movements and no pull-ups, thank God! A few years later, I tried it a second time and didn’t ever look back.

What Drives Me?

I want to show others that hard work (and time) produces great results. I want to prove to myself that I am better than yesterday and that I’m capable of anything.

Outside of the gym, my faith and relationship with Christ drive me. When everything in life seems to overwhelm me, that is what I go back to and ground myself upon. Without God, I wouldn’t have any of this.

My family supports and encourages me in all I do. They motivate me to continue pushing the boundaries. I want to lead by example in my commitment, my pursuit of a healthy lifestyle and my passion for life.

My Biggest Achievement?

I’m no longer just a D-team wannabe-basketball player. I’m part of a tremendous team of awesome people who work together.

Anything Else?

When I’m not at Bedlam, home or church, I’m at my full-time graphic design job, but that just pays the bills. 🙂


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