A Every 2 Mins X 5 Sets:
3 DL @20X1 @80-82.5% of DL RM
Back Rack Walking Lunges X 50 FT – Moderate Load – rest 1 min
Single Arm Front Rack KB Carry + Single Arm KB OH Carry @moderate Load X 200FT – switch arms After 100FT
B3) 200FT Sled Push
3 Sets: Rest 2 min
C) 6X8-10 Ring Dips – strict as long as possible
rest as needed to keep your sets unbroken
D) 3 Rounds: Fight Gone Bad Style
1 Min AMRAP T2B – break early to ensure you keep getting reps the whole minute
1 Min AMRAP Cal AD
1 Min AMRAP Alternating KB/DB Snatch (70/53)
1 Min AMRAP Cal Row
1 Min AMRAP Dual Devil Press (40/25)
1 Min rest b/t round
E) 3-4 Sets:
15 Sec L-Sit on Rings
15 Sec Rest
20 Sec GH Hold
15 Sec Rest
1 Min Plank
rest as needed