A1) Dual KB Front Rack Step ups 10-14 rest 30
A2) 8 DB/KB RDL @31X1, rest 30
rest 1:00 x 3-4

B) 4x Max set of Strict HSPU/Box Push Ups/Push Ups
First 3 sets stop 1-2 reps shy of max
Last set give us what you got left.
rest 1:00-1:30

C) 4 Rounds NFT or 15minutes

200m Row
8 2-way lunges per side / plate push
8/8 Single Arm RKBS
8 Floor Pike Up + Mountain Climber

D) core
30sec Plank Hold
30sec Spiderman Plank
30sec Mountain climbers
rest as needed x 4 sets

E) Armor
1mile Bike
25 burpees
800m row
25 burpees
1mile Bike

F) Summer Gunzzzzzzzzzz –
Max Set Supinated Ring row
15 parallette Dips
15 Banded lat pull down
rest as needed x 4 sets