A) 10-15minutes to Build up to a heavy Single Split Jerk
no pause, rest as needed between sets.

B) 4 sets
8-10 Supinated Inverted barbell row, pause at top, rest 30-1:00
AMRAP Strict HSPU (Kipping, box push ups, push ups,)
rest 2:00

C) For Time
50-40-30 DU
30-20-10 KBS
30-20-10 Single Arm OH KB Lunge

D) Core
5-8 AB Rollouts
5-8 ABMSU with Wallball *Controlled rise and descent*
5-8 Russian Twists with wall ball
rest 1:00 x 4-5 rounds

E) Bedlam Armor
10min AMRAP – for quality reps
5 Strict Press (95/65)(75/55)
5 Front Squats
150m run
*from rack*