Instruction/Snatch Complex
A. Snatch Complex Building
Segmented Snatch Deadlift.Hang Power Snatch.Hang Snatch
1.2.2, pause at bottom of receiving position for 2 sec.
*Segmented DL = pause at 2in above ground, knee, and mid-thigh, then lower
3 sec to get in hang position for next movement.
rest 90sec x 6-8 sets

B. 5 rounds
12/9 Cal row
8 Dips
8 Dual KB/DB Hang Squat Clean (40/20)
rest 1:00

C. Accessory
10 Single Leg Hamstring Bridge / side
10 weighted Glute Bridge
15-20 v-ups
rest 90sec x 3-4 sets