“Support – to undergo or endure, especially with patience or submission” 

Support is needed through this difficult journey we call fitness. Everybody has their own definition of fitness and what it means to them, but this journey cannot be obtained without some sort of support system. Make sure you identify your support system and thank them for helping you chase your dreams and goals because without them, the journey becomes EXTREMELY difficult to achieve success.

The family shown above is the definition of constant support. Each member of the Bedlam community owes some sort of thanks and praise to this giving family for their constant support through our own respected lives and journeys of fitness. Thank you to the EMMONS family for your constant support as you have touched all of our lives in some way. #Bedlamfamily #Bedlamstrong #Bedlamathlete #BedlamCrossFit

A) 1 Squat Clean Every 30 Seconds X 20 Sets

1-10 reps @70% of Clean Max

11-20 reps @75% of Clean Max

B) For Time:

20 WB (25/16)

20 KBS (70/53)

30 DU

15 WB

15 KBS

30 DU

10 WB

10 KBS