A) 5 sets , rest 1:00- 1:30 – 15minutes to work on skill
Level 1: Pike Handstand Hold With one leg up, hold for 15sec then switch
Level 2 : Pike Handstand Leg Lift off balance Drill 10 total alternate legs each time
Level 3: Assisted Handstand Hold Using box/Bench/wall 20-30sec

B) Perform a maximum set of push ups : terminate when it takes longer than a sec between reps
rest 2:00 then
4 sets @50% of max reps
rest 1:00

C) 3-4 sets or 16minutes whichever comes first
200m row
8-12 alternatnig Ring Row @2020
8 Goblet Squats @21X1
100m mixed carry / 1 KB front rack and 1 in Farmer Carry *switch at 50m
rest 1:00

D) Core
10 sec hollow hold
10sec hollow flutter kicks
10sec v-tucks
10sec vups
30sec arch hold
rest as needed x 4 sets

E) Armor
8 rounds
100m run
7 WB
rest 1:00