A) 8,6,4,8,6,4 Strict Press @21X1
rest 1:00-90sec between sets
build with each set, 2nd wave must
be heavier than the first

B) 2 rounds
1min Block
200m run (150m)
AMRAP burpees
rest 1:00

90sec block
300m run / shed run x 2
AMRAP Dual DB Hang Squat Clean
rest 1:30

2:00 Block
AMRAP Renegade row (can use same DB as Cleans)
rest 2:00

C) Core
8min EMOM
min 1: 30sec t2Ring
min 2: 30sec Knee Tucks while in Ring Support
*get in ring support hold and then ring knees
up to chest and back down to support, alternate
for 30sec

D) Armor
Row Intervals rest 1:1
2x800m row
4x500m row