A) 8min EMOM
Even: :20-:30 ring Support hold (Scale using boxes)
Odd: :30 hollow hold (weighted hollow if too easy)

rest 1:00

8min EMOM
Even::20-:30 Chin Up Hold (pronated or supinated according to skill level)
Odd: :30 handstand hold (chestfacing, back to wall, freestand)

B) 3 rounds
200m row
8 DB Push Press (50/35)
8 T2B

rest 2:00

3 rounds
200m run
8 alt. DB Snatch (50/35)

C) Core
10sec hollow hold
10sec hollow flutter kicks
10sec hollow rocks
rest :10
10sec arch hold
10sec arch pulse
10sec arch rocks
rest 1:00-1:30 x 4 sets

D) Armor
6 rounds
15/12 Cal AD
12 Slam ball over shoulder (6 if using heavy 100# ball)
100ft Dual KB OH Walk
rest 1:00-90sec