A) Clean.Jerk 2.1
Build to a Heavy 6-8 sets, rest 2:00 between
*Drop and Reset between Cleans

B) Partner WOD
AMRAP in 12 minutes of:
3.3.3 6.6.6 9.9.9…
DL (185/155)(155/125)
Burpees over bar
WB (20/14)

*P1 completes set of 3 then P2 follows and completes set of 3. Score at the end is the round completed plus any additional reps.

Rest 3minutes
1k partner row For Time. Partition as needed.

C) Core
8 Tempo Ab Rollouts
:20-:30 star plank on both sides
1:00 rest x 4-5 rounds

D) Bedlam Armor

For Time
10 Manmakers @ light-moderate load
100m run
8 Manmakers
200m run
6 Manmakers
400m run

4 Manmakers

800m run