A) 4x 3 pause split jerk, rest 90sec – 2:00 between sets
*Build to a tough working weight for all sets, pause for 2 at dip and receiving position
B) 5×2 Pause Front Squats @ 33X1
Build with each set and rest 2:00 between
C) 6 min AMRAP
PC (135/95)(115/75)
8 Box jumps (24/20)
*PC reps start at 3 and go up by 3 every time. BJ stay the same
rest 3:00
50 burpees FT
D) Bedlam Armor
5min AMRAP
150m row
8 R arm KB/DB snatch
8 L arm KB/DB snatch
rest 3:00
5min AMRAP
10/7cal AD
10 slam ball
rest 3:00
5min AMRAP
100m run
40 mountain climbers
E) Core
8 Plank DB drag
8 spiderman plank per side
:30 arch
rest 1:00 x 4sets