Rebekah Crawford
Gooooooooooooooood Friday folks!
On this week’s feature we have Rebekah “Bekah” Crawford! Bekah is a part of the small group of members that helped open Bedlam day 1. You will find her just about every morning at 6am grinding away with the rest of the early birds. She is insanely strong and her personality is so loving and cheerful which makes getting up in the morning’s to coach a little bit easier. Here is a little bit more about her!
What do you do for a living?
RC: I am a wife to Scott, a stay at home mom to Alexis(14), Gabe(11), and Ben(3), and I am a Rodan+Fields consultant
What motivates you to come to crossfit every day?
RC: I have always been an athlete, and I love being active and feeling strong! Working out early in the morning is my “me time” and gives me energy to be patient with my crazy family all day 😉
How has CrossFit changed your life if at all?
RC: Yes! Prior to starting CF 6 years ago, I had been mostly doing full and half marathons and triathlons, which was typically a lot of cardio on my own.  I love the lifting aspect and variety of CF, and the friendships and fun of working out with and being trained by great people everyday 🙂
If you could describe Bedlam using 3 words what would they be?
RD: Encouraging, Supportive, Family
What are your favorite and least favorite movements and why?
RC: My favorite movement is the Clean/Power clean, but I also like squats, thrusters, wall balls, and even though I’m really slow, I enjoy running. But really this list could be long bc I love doing some of everything!
My hands down least favorite movement is bear crawls! Followed by box jumps, or really anything jumping like burpees boxjump overs or burpees over the bar or a high rep count of Double Unders
What advice would you give to someone thinking about starting crossfit?
RC:Just be consistent, come in, put in the work, and you will see improvement over time and have a great experience! And most of all don’t worry about the weights or experience level you start with, scale everything as you need to, and have fun getting better/feeling stronger with every workout!
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