Happy Friday!!! On today’s feature we have Oscar Ramos!
Oscar came to us a couple years back and it’s always a joy to have him around. Between his busy job and life he manages to put in whatever time he has left to dedicate to himself and his fitness. Cheers Oscar!

What was your first CrossFit experience like?
OR: I was able to survive the first class. It was time for the WOD and I just hear 10 min front squats AMRAP every dropped bar 5 burpees. I grabbed my weight put it on the bar and started when they said go. First min passed and it felt like 5 min. Once the 10 min were up I was just thinking what did I get myself into. Hated it at the time but that was all I need to be addicted and be there the next day.
How has it changed your life? (if at all)
OR: I always did sports in the past and enjoyed the intensity during the workout. Here at Bedlam I am able to relive the past with the WOD that we do and push myself to the next level. There is always something that you can get better at. I know I’m not a strong guy that can pull a lot a weight on all WOD’s but I know the weight I can do that will allow me to work hard and keep pushing till the end.
What is your least favorite movement and why?
OR: I have to say snatch. I’ve had a shoulder injury in the past, but no matter how much a stretch and warm up before doing it, I always in up doing something to it that sets me back.
What else do like to do when you’re not in the gym?
OR: If I’m not at work or at the gym I’m usually bbq at the lake or pool. But now that football is here I’ll be watching that drinking a beer. Enjoy going to concerts, sports games.
What piece of advice would you give to someone who is thinking about starting CrossFit for the first time?
OR: It’s not for everyone but there is always something that you will like after doing it. It may look hard from the movement that are being done but there’s always a starting point that will allow you to get to that point. All exercises can be done with different movement that fits your flexibility.