Cool, hip, bold, confident, and open-minded. Carol brings the spirit of the past and blends it well with the ever-changing schizophrenic tides that sweep through this modern day. She can crack a good joke and lend an unbiased ear if you need someone to talk to. From Day 1 when we opened our doors, Carol has been dedicated and is one of our biggest supporters. We wouldn’t be us without her. Here’s more about her:
•What do you do for a living?•
CM: I am a legal assistant/Paralegal for an Insurance Defense Firm.
•What was your first Crossfit experience like?•
CM: Brutal – everything hurt and I felt so incredibly uncoordinated. But the physical challenge that it created hooked me.  But it wasn’t until Bedlam that I really got a full experience of Crossfit!  Thanks JA!
•What goals either personal/crossfit related have you set for 2017?•
CM: Personal goals are to continue to learn and grow, find a better balance in life and remember to pay attention to what really matters!!  Crossfit goals, get those damn toes to that bar and to do a pull up.
•If you could describe Bedlam using 3 words what would they be?•
CM: Family/belief/home
•What/who inspires you?•
CM: All the people at Bedlam inspire me as everyone has something that they just rock at, whether they realize it or not! And they don’t quit.I do have to give a special shout out to Mitch — who is never ending in his support and encouragement and his belief in what I can accomplish.   Also, my daughter inspires me!  It has been awesome to see her grow into the wonderful woman she is today!  and I am over the moon that she is back in the gym working on her goals.
•What are some other activities you like to do outside of the gym?•
CM: I have two wonderful dogs that I take for walks and spend much time with.  I also like to spend time working in my yard I have a vision for my back yard (well the weeds are winning right now)  I also like to sketch and am starting to find more time for that.  My dog Lily is quite photogenic and it is challenging to try to sketch her. and of course  – I love visiting the hill country wineries!!
•Are you signed up for the OPEN?• What advice would you give to someone about it?
CM: Yes I have signed up for the open, which I always get nervous about.   My advice (which I need to take) is just do it – dont think about it, dont think about it, stop thinking about it…….Just put it out there — mic drop.