You can’t help but smile back when Andrea flashes you a smile or rolls her eyes when you’re trying to get her to do something she doesn’t want to do. Her spunky personality is something we look forward to every day. She has worked very hard to develop strength and certain skills in her time here and no matter how much running or complaining there is, she gets the job done and comes out winning each time. Here’s a little more about our Friday feature member! 🙂
•What do you do for a living?•
AF: I teach second grade… So basically I live for summer vacation 🙂
•What was your first Crossfit experience like?•
AF: It was only about a year ago and yet all I remember is having to do a bunch of stuff I’d never done before and had never even dreamt of doing. I think it included burpees and rowing and me thinking I was gonna die. And that I was also the weakest person ever! Regardless, I felt this awesome feeling of euphoria and accomplishment from the challenge that I returned for more torture the very next day!
•What goals do you have for 2017?•
AF: CrossFit wise I’d like to be able to do a pull up. Even if it’s just one! There’s a bunch of other stuff I want to be able to do without modifications but pull-ups look the coolest and simultaneously the most challenging.
•What/who inspires you?•
AF: I’m seriously inspired by all the coaches at Bedlam. They are so passionate about what they do and sooo patient with me while I learn all the movements and techniques. Seeing their love for Crossfit is contagious and keeps me coming for more. I’m also inspired by my family. All my life prior to doing Crossfit they’d been worried by my lack of physical fitness. I don’t blame them–I was fat and inactive. Now that I’ve taken charge of my health and am setting/achieving fitness goals I know I’m making them proud.
•What are some other activities you like to do outside of the gym?•
AF: Interior decorating and planning events are some of my favorite pastimes. When I have the time and money traveling is hands-down my favorite thing to do. I also enjoy too many things having to do with eating and drinking with friends and family.
•What is your WHY? Why do you Crossfit?•
AF: Because the Crossfit community is awesome and doing it FEELS SO GOOD! Haha I’m always complaining during the workouts but I feel so freakin’ great after. High-fiving everyone after a workout seriously makes me feel like I “belong” in a group of people who genuinely care about my journey. I also do it because Crossfit is my way of making sure I never go back to being miserably unhealthy as I have been in the past. It makes me feel strong, healthy, and so accomplished.
•If you could give any advice to someone just starting CrossFit what would it be?•
AF: Keep coming back! Honestly it’s never going to stop being challenging and painful but you’ll feel the best you ever have in your life!