CF – Chelsea Mckay
Happy Friday Everyone!!
This week’s feature goes to…. Chelsea McKay!!!!!!!!!! 🙂 (far left in photo)
This sweet soul is as beautiful inside as she is out. In the gym she is fierce, and approaches every workout with confidence and poise. It’s a real treat when she gets together with her sister as you can sometimes see them dance a little to a beat, sing along next to JT, and just have a great time. Here’s a little more about her!
What do you do for a living?
CM: I’m an esthetician, I work at Ulta Beauty as one of their full time Benefit Arch Experts. So come and see me for all of your eyebrow needs!
What was your first Crossfit experience like?
CM: My sister, Marissa, found a groupon to try out a local box. Our first WOD was an extremely scaled “Nancy”. It was AWFUL, but I was hooked after that! We were with that box for a few months then shortly found our permanent home with Bedlam!
How has CrossFit changed your life if at all?
CM:  I’m a lot more confident in myself. I began to let go of my self esteem issues when I started crossfit. I stopped defining myself as a number on a scale and started to take pride in how strong my body was becoming.
If you could describe Bedlam using 3 words what would they be?
CM:  Uplifting, determination, family.
What is your go to cheat meal?
CM: The box combo at Raisin’ Cains; extra fries instead of coleslaw haha!
Name 3 people that inspire/motivate you?
CM: My crossfit bestie, Julie Bland. She kicks major ass every day she’s at the box! One of my clients, Stacy, who travels the world and doesn’t let anyone or anything hold her back. And of course my sister, Marissa, without her I definitely wouldn’t have jumped back on the fitness bandwagon all those years ago, I wouldn’t be where I am or who I am without her.
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