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Kipping/Butterfly Pull Up Drill

Timing and coordination play a big role when learning the more dynamic versions of the standard pull up known as the kipping and butterfly pull ups. Each comes with their own degree of difficulty and understanding the difference of movement between the two is very...

Warm-Up – Static Stretching and Dynamic Stretching

Static Stretching and Dynamic (Ballistic) Stretching Why you should stretch, what is the difference, and which one should you do? Why should you stretch? A mistake that many exercisers and athletes make is forgoing stretching and directly engaging with workouts cold....

Coming Back to CrossFit After a Break – Bedlam Blog

Consistency is the key when following any sort of fitness and nutrition routine. The more time you spend training important elements of exercise like strength, flexibility, and skill, the more likely you are to achieve your goals. Life, however, comes at you...

Bedlam Blog – Recovery in CrossFit

Training Recovery in CrossFit Training Recovery comes in many forms when it comes to High-Intensity workouts. Recovery can come from some much needed time away from the gym spending quality time with your family and friends. It can entail a hike in the park or maybe...

Bedlam Technique – Split Jerk

Bedlam CF Head Coach Cassandra discusses footwork technique within the SJ. •Weight must be evenly distributed between the two. . •Drill footwork so it’s consistent over time and then add barbell to coordinate upper and lower body moving together. . •Dip and drive in a...


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