Bedlam Athlete Cassandra Huerta started Day 1 with the Bedlam Athlete program when it rolled out in late June of 2015. Here is the video of her most recent PR snatch @165# during the fittest games qualifier which gave her a 40# total PR since she has started our Bedlam Athlete program four and a half months ago. She has been dedicated to the program throughout the summer and her top end numbers are becoming very competitive within in the region. She has now moved on from the Bedlam Athlete program into our individualized program design with Head Coach John-Austin Emmons which now will dive into more of your specific individualized weaknesses to make her a better overall athlete focusing on EXACTLY WHAT SHE NEEDS. As her top end strength continues to improve, we will actively continue to improve her weaknesses to make an overall more complete athlete. If you have any questions, about our Individual Program Design option, please feel free to reach out to any one of our head coaches on our “Custom Program Page “ or even ask Cassandra about her journey through Bedlam Athlete and into her new individual program tailored for her.